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Readers' Choice Awards - Most Influential Fatherhood Organizations


These five organizations that promote fatherhood are the finalists for the 2013 Readers' Choice Award for the most influential fatherhood organization for 2013. Read about them here and then vote for the one you think deserves this year's Readers Choice Award.

1. National Fatherhood Initiative

National Fatherhood Initiative
The National Fatherhood Initiative has as a mission "to improve the well-being of children by increasing the proportion of children growing up with involved, responsible, and committed fathers."

The NFI focuses on making sure that fathers are present in the lives of their children to make the youth of America have a brighter future.

They work with other organizations and fathers in general to help build skills in fathers to fulfill their important roles. They work specifically with the military, with corrections, with the health care industry and with a variety of community and faith- based organizations around to country. They also interface directly with fathers through newsletters, mentoring programs and other resources to help build skills.

2. All Pro Dad

AllProDad Logo
Courtesy of AllProDad.com
AllProDad.com is a one-stop resource where dads can find encouragement, ideas, information and videos. The site contains hundreds of articles and top 10 lists to help dads engage their children in fun and creative ways. Dads can also connect with one another through their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube pages.

All Pro Dads uses a sports metaphor to help dads understand their roles and connect with their children. They have 53 NFL spokesmen led by former NFL Coach Tony Dungy. They also have local chapters in 46 states to provide personal networking opportunities and support for fathers in their own communities.

All Pro Dad also offers a wide variety of resources that can be downloaded or purchased including certificates, conversation starters, I Love My Dad stickers, lunchbox notes, a family internet contract, and more.

3. Illinois Fathers

Illinois Fathers
Illinois Fathers is a charitable organization in the state of Illinois that provides support, resources and government advocacy supporting shared parenting and working at educating the public in Illinois about the value of children having access to and relationships with both parents, regardless of family status. They provide a wide range of services to fathers in the state struggling with family law issues and to others in Illinois interested in fathers' rights and the value of shared parenting after a divorce.

4. National Center for Fathering

National Center for Fathering Logo
Courtesy of the National Center for Fathering
The National Center for Fathering was founded by Dr. Ken Canfield as a non-profit, scientific and education organization to help fathers and grandfathers become the role models that they need to be to build the rising generation. The Center performs and encourages scholarly research into fatherhood, provides training programs for fathers in many communities around the country, and is the sponsor of WATCH D.O.G.S., a program that helps connect fathers with schools and promotes involvement of dads in education at home and at school.

5. Fatherwork

FatherWork at BYU
Courtesy of the Family Studies Center at BYU
FatherWork is a team of faculty members and researchers from the Family Studies Center at Brigham Young University that focuses on collecting stories and doing research on generative fathering. "Generative fathering" is a commitment to caring for the next generation through working to meet children's needs. Generative fathering is a process of fathers turing their hearts to the children to bless the lives of children, their own lives, and their communities. Social workers, academics, students, counselors, therapists and just plain fathers can gain a greater appreciation for the importance of fathers in the life of a family at FatherWork. The stories help provide a framework for research, counseling, or just working to make families better and stronger by helping fathers be more focused on the needs of their families.

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