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A Profile of All Pro Dad


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All Pro Dad is a fatherhood-focused organization which hopes to strengthen families by helping fathers find the passion and practices needed to better connect fathers to their children and families. One of the unique elements of All Pro Dad is its connection with players in the National Football League. They have 53 current and former players and coaches who serve as spokesmen for All Pro Dad, including well known former coach and television commentator Tony Dungy.

Services Offered by All Pro Dad:

  • Play of the Day Email. Each day, All Pro Dad sends out an email message to over 100,000 subscribers with advice and information tailored especially for fathers. Written in an entertaining and decidedly masculine style, the Play of Day is a welcome exception to the many parenting emails and newsletters written from a mother's point of view.
  • All Pro Dad Day. At over 1,000 schools across the country, dads and kids gather monthly for an All Pro Dad Day. In partnership with local All Pro Dad chapters and the National PTA, the All Pro Dad Days offer something for every father and child who participate. Fun activities, solid advice and opportunities for support characterize every All Pro Dad Day.
  • NFL Father and Kids Experience. Each year, there is a three hour event at 21 NFL stadiums or practice facilities where dads and kids can get together with NFL players and coaches. Dads and kids rotate through skills stations and interactive games where they can bond together and ldearn skills that apply to both fathering and football.
  • All Pro Dad Local Chapters. All Pro Dad also has almost 1,000 local chapters in 47 states. Each chapter is connected to an elementary school and hosts events and helps dads connect to the resources of All Pro Dad and Family First.
  • Website Resources. The All Pro Dad website is chock full of great resources for dads. You can find sample contracts for cell phone use, computer use and per care. There are chore charts, lunch box notes, coupon books, and various certificates that can be downloaded and customized.

A Part of Family First:

All Pro Dad is a program of the Family First organization. Family First is a charitable organization with a mission of using technology and offline events to strengthen families and help parents and children put "family first." In addition to All Pro Dad, Family First also sponsors iMom, which provides services to mothers. At iMom, mothers can receive daily emails, peruse parenting articles and find printables to use with the children. iMom also promotes a monthly event in many schools called iMom Morning where moms and kids can gather for breakfast and discuss items of common interest.

Family First also sponsors a radio broadcast called "The Family Minute with Mark Merrill" heard on over 300 radio stations across the United States.

How to Connect with All Pro Dad:

Summary and Review:

There are certainly very few fatherhood organizations with the depth and breadth of All Pro Dad out there. There are certainly lots of fathering blogs that provide resources and thoughts of help to fathers. And there are many organizations that focus on fathers' rights and helping dads through the family law process. But All Pro Dad seems to have found just the right connection between promoting great fatherhood, strengthening families and connecting dads online and in person with others who can help, support and encourage them. My hat is off to All Pro Dad for what they have added to the world of fatherhood and the way they build families by strengthening relationships and empowering fathers to do the right things in their personal lives and with their children.

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