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Best Hotel Chains for Traveling with the Family


Recently, our son was married and we rented a hotel suite for our children and their children to stay in for the wedding activities. Finding just the right hotel situation for a family with children can be a big job. But these hotel chains have taken a position in the industry of providing great rooms for more than business travelers; they also welcome children and families.

1. Hyatt House

Hyatt House Hotel
This was the chain we selected for our wedding visitors and it was amazing. The suite layout was just perfect and had a large kitchen, living area and two bedrooms with individual bathrooms. The Hyatt House properties also usually offer a social hour daily for their guests with themed appetizers and drinks and families are welcome. Many also offer a shopping service when you register that allows you to choose some items you want in the in-room refrigerator when you arrive. Other Hyatt properties also have great amenities for families like children's menus at the hotel restaurants and Camp Hyatt programs at selected locations.

2. Embassy Suites

Embassy Suite Hotels
We have also stayed in an Embassy Suites with the family before and they have made an art form of welcoming families. The suite layout, like the Hyatt House, is custom made for families with an entirely separate room from the living area where you can simply put the kids to bed and then enjoy the rest of the suite in the evenings. Breakfasts in the hotel are made to order rather than the traditional buffet, so picky eater children can be accommodated. If there is an Embassy Suites near your destination, it is a great choice.

3. Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn
The Holiday Inn chain has long had a bias towards families. Kids stay free at most locations and they eat free with parents in their on-site restaurants. Many locations have a KidSuite available, which includes a room in the suite with bunk beds and a really functional play space. And while every Holiday Inn has a pool, a few select properties also have waterslides for kids. Check for available amenities when you register.

4. SpringHill Suites by Marriott

Springhill Suites
Babies are the focus of the family-friendly SpringHill Suites chain. When you register and let them know you have a baby with you, you will find at your arrival the amenities of their Tots Travel Too program. They provide a playpen with hygienic covering, a bath toy for the baby and other amenities focused on keeping babies happy while traveling.

5. Omni Resorts

Omni Resort
While perhaps a bit pricier than some of the other options, Omni Resorts have some great amenities for families. Every evening before bed, room service arrives with milk and cookies for parents and families. If the area to which you are heading has a Kids’ Fantasy Suite, it would be a lot of fun. One of the rooms in each of these suites has a kids’ room with twin beds and toys. These hotel properties will also have a backpack at check in with stuff kids love. And for dads and moms at the Omni resorts, there are great amenities like fitness equipment and heart-healthy breakfast offerings.

6. Loews Hotels

Loews Hotel
There aren’t very many of these hotels, but they have a mission to be family friendly. Their "Loews Loves Kids" program offers free lending of DVD’s, games, toys, and strollers for families staying there and welcome gifts and books for kids in the party. So if there is a Loews Hotel near your destination, it would be well worth the stay just to be in a place that is so focused on family comforts.

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