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Freddie Scott II


Freddie Scott II
Courtesy of Unlock the Champion Inc.
Freddie Scott has a history as a player in the National Football League, a minister, youth counselor, public speaker, and author. He is the founder and president of Unlock The Champion, LLC., an organization dedicated empowering families and the teaching of fundamental life skills essential to character development for people raised in broken homes, especially athletes. His most recent research has made him aware of the tremendous need, now more than ever, for strong fathers in America's ever-changing culture and across the world.

Today Scott travels throughout America speaking on such issues as family, character development, and personal goals. To date, Freddie has spoken to thousands helping to empower people to not be imprisoned to the pain of their past. He is an NFL Spokesman for All Pro Dad, an Ambassador for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Middle Tennessee, the Dean of the Spiritual Growth Institute, and also the Assistant Pastor at Word of Faith Christian Center. He is also the author of The Dad I Wish I Had.

Scott balances all these responsibilities along with those of being the husband of his beautiful wife and the proud father of four very active sons and one adorable daughter.

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