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Exercise Options Fathers Should Consider


In today's busy and well-connected world, it can be hard for fathers to make and keep an exercise regimen. Even those who love running or cycling can get bored with only one major type of exercise. And others of us need to make change to our exercise regimen as we age or as the weather changes each year. These ideas for some different exercise choices are worth exploring for fathers who need a little change to their overall exercise strategy.

1. Walking for Exercise

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Walking is my favorite exercise choice. It is easier on my knees than running or jogging and I can enjoy it right in my own area or on one of the many walking trails around where I live. I really enjoy walking on my lunch hour on a nearby urban trail or just walking through an historic neighborhood near my office. However you choose to walk, it is important to get good shoes and then just get going.

2. Hiking

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Because we live near the mountains, we have done a lot of hiking as a family. When my boys were working on Boy Scouting, we found some great longer hikes in our area. Hiking is a great form of exercise and one that you can really enjoy with your family or your friends on a Saturday or a day off.

3. Spinning

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I will admit that I was kind of skeptical about spinning. After all, getting into a room at the gym in a roomful of stationery bikes pedaling quickly and at a cadence given by an instructor did not sound like my idea of fun. But spinning has certainly taken off as a fun and energizing exercise alternative. And while it has predominantly been a regimen followed by women, more and more dads are getting into spinning. It even takes place often in a darkened room with loud music so you don't have to be self conscious.

4. Pilates

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Pilates is a relatively new form of exercise that emphasizes the balanced development of the body. Rather than just focusing on upper body strength or aerobics, pilates tries to address all the various muscle groups and body parts. Men who participate in pilates have reported increased back strength and improved coordination.

5. Exergaming

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My family and I love our Wii gaming system and we have had hours of fun with a lot of the active games. The idea of exergaming is to take some of the more active sports on the Wii or another game console and use them for exercise. Games like Just Dance and EA Sports Active can be a great way to get fit, feel more active and drop some calories right in your own family room.

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