1. Parenting
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Effective Discipline Techniques

Learn more about specific tools available to fathers to improve their efforts to effectively discipline children. Does time out really work? What about behavioral contracts? Any other ideas?

Being a Consistent and Predictable Father
Most parenting experts agree that consistency in parenting is a critical key to success in raising children. Here are some ways fathers can better understand the importance of consistent parenting and how they can be more consistent in their approach to child raising, discipline and teaching at home.

Ten Common Discipline Mistakes Fathers Make
Disciplining children to change their behavior is an important role for fathers. But often we find ourselves reverting back to the less effective ways our parents might have used with us. Being aware of and avoiding these mistakes will help fathers take a more productive approach to discipline that really will change behavior.

Review of The Rules of Parenting
A review of The Rules of Parenting by Richard Templar.

To Spank or Not to Spank
It is an age old question that elicits a lot of controversy. Should a dad spank his children or not? Is spanking a good tool in a dad's discipline tool kit or not? What tools might you use instead if spanking is not appropriate?

Setting Limits for Your Children
Setting boundaries and limits around a child's behavior is an important skill for fathers. Learn more about the keys to effectively setting limits for your children.

Effectively Praise Your Child
Parenting experts tell us that it is important to praise your children regularly, and that praise effects behavior patterns more than discipline does. Here are some tips and ideas about effectively praising your child.

Using Time-Out as an Intervention
One important tool for fathers to use in child discipline is time-out. Find out what time-out is, when you should use it, and how to make it an effective tool for fathers and children.

Effective Discipline Ideas for Teenagers: Grounding
Finding effective methods for changing the behavior of your children is one of the great challenges of parenting. Learn more about grounding as a disciplinary technique--what works and what doesn't and when grounding is an effective strategy.

Effective Discipline for Teens
What kinds of discipline techniques work best for teenagers? What advice do you have for fathers who are struggling with the behavior of their teens?

Behavior Contracts
Entering into a behavior contract with your child is an effective tools for discipline. Learn about behavior contracts and how to use them in helping your children learn to be disciplined and self-governing and for making your job as a father easier.

What Dads Can Do About Whining Children
Few things are more annoying than the incessant whining of children. Before the whining gets totally on your nerves and makes you explode, learn what dads need to know about whining children and what you can do to stop the whining and find peace.

How to Teach Your Children Self-Discipline

Child Discipline 101 - Using Natural Consequences
One of the most effective approaches to disciplining children is to help them understand the natural consequences of their actions. Teaching with natural consequences helps children learn about how things work in the real world and helps fathers make a difference in how their children behave.

Child Discipline 101 - Dealing with Kids Who Won't Listen
If your child has reached the stage where they tune you out when you talk, you know that it can really frustrate a parent. Consider these ideas for encouraging your children to listen to you and not just blow off your important communication.

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