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Review of The First 30 Days

Dealing With Change Through A Principled Approach

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The First 30 Days
"The only constant in life is change" is a trite cliche, but it has never been as true as it is in modern life. With the pace of life increasing ever more dramatically, we are all dealing with changes in life, and more frequently than ever. Author Ariane de Bonvoisin has captured the essence of successfully handling the changes which life throws our way in her book The First 30 Days--Your Guide to Any Change and Loving Your Life More. Ariane systematically walks through a process over a thirty day period that will help anyone experiencing change take a positive approach to that opportunity.

Change? An Opportunity?

Ariane de Bonvoisin suggests that with the right mental and emotional approach to change, we can learn to embrace it as an opportunity for growth. She speaks from experience as she talks about the challenge of dealing with a home growing up where her mother and father had problems that resulted in their divorce after 30 years of marriage. As painful as that experience was for her, she found that by moving through that change positively, both her mother and her father are happier, and she has developed a new and deeper relationship with them individually. The First 30 Days is replete with anecdotes and stories of people who, by following the basic principles included in the book, have navigated the treacherous waters of personal life change.

Why This Book is Powerful

From my perspective in working with fathers in all situations in life, many have a hard time adapting to change. From separation, divorce and custody issues to wayward children, to health and financial reverses, fathers experience a lot of change in their lives. And even without family issues, just living and working and aging can bring challenges. Ariane's approach to embracing key principles really does impact our attitude about change. And The First 30 Days not only talks about these principles, but it give you actions, activities and exercises to practice and apply them. It doesn't feel like a "workbook," but it has the positive elements of one while still being a pleasant read. Ariane does not come across preachy, but brings practical and understandable advice like a mentor would do. Whatever the change with which you are dealing as a father, The First 30 Days can be a powerful tool to help you find your way through change to growth and renewal.
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