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Resources for Divorced Fathers

Dads who are divorced from their children's moms have a tough job. Keeping in touch from a distance or managing relationships with the children when you are not in the home is a major challenge. Check this page for resources to help divorced dads be the best dads possible under the circumstances.
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How I Survived My Divorce
Share your story about divorce and custody issues and how you coped. See submissions

Important Financial Steps to Take After a Divorce
As emotionally draining as a divorce can be, both partners must take precautions to ensure that financial decisions are made in their own best interests. Find out what financial steps to take after the divorce to protect your financial health.

The Real Divorce is Free
Men who are going through a divorce have all kinds of feelings and realities with which to deal. Family law attorney and author Ed Sherman shares some insights into the "real" divorce--the one that happens when you make the decision (or have the decision thrust upon you) to divorce.

Self-Care for Men Going Through Divorce
Divorced men often find themselves in a world that crumbles around them. Taking good care of themselves physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually can help them through the transition and help them be better men and fathers than if they chose the path of least resistance. Learn how to take the steps needed for self-care after divorce.

WHen Your Ex Remarries
One of the hardest moments for a divorced man is when his ex-spouse remarries. Learn what you can do to prepare for her remarriage and how you and your kids will cope when your ex remarries.

Keys for Success as a Divorced Dad
Being a successful divorced dad--that is maintaining a good relationship with the children despite being divorced from their mother--is an extra burden for dads to bear. What can you do to have a greater probability of success in this situation?

Dating for Divorced Dads
So, it has been a while since the divorce and you are anxious for some female companionship. Dating is more difficult after a divorce than when you were single the last time. How should a divorced dad go about finding and dating women? And what do you say to the kids and when?

Helping Your Friend Through Divorce
Do you have a friend who is a father going through a divorce? Here are some recommendations and tips for helping him through the process, and some advice for being supportive but not becoming co-dependent.

What You Need to Know About Child Support
Many fathers have lots of questions about child support: how it works, how it is calculated, and what happens if you fall behind or want to change the arrangements. This article reprinted from the 'Lectric Law Library offers answers to the most common questions about child support.

The Effects of Divorce on Children and How to Cope
Children are the innocent victims of parents who divorce. Recognize why children whose parents divorce are at risk emotionally, learn and watch for the danger signs, and find ways to help them and you cope with the impacts of divorce.

Making the Most of Visitation
Divorced dads who have visitation rights often are concerned about the lack of time they have with their kids. This article by Kirk Bloir, Family & Consumer Sciences Extension Agent with the Ohio State Extension Service offers solid recommendations for dads to maximize the value of their visitation time.

Keep Close To Home After a Divorce
A recent study published in the Journal of Family Psychology documents the need that children have for access to both parents after a divorce. The evidence is clear and convincing: keeping both parents close by is critical for children to survive a family breakup.

Tax Tips for Divorced Dads
Filing your income tax return for the first time as a divorced dad? Find out what you need to know about your federal income taxes if you are paying alimony, child support and more in support of your ex wife and children.

How to Stop Hating Your Ex So You Can Co-Parent in Peace
A review of the book How to Stop Hating Your Ex So You Can Co-Parent in Peace by Rene Ashton. This is a book filled with advice for fathers and mothers who are divorced on how to find peace and work together with an ex-spouse to co-parent your children.

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