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Disciplining for Dads

One of the biggest challenges for fathers is selecting appropriate discipline for their children. Discipline is all about modifying behavior, not about anger or retaliation. Check out the resources on this page on effective discipline.
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How Fathers Can Teach Their Children Respect
One of a father's most important gifts to his children is to teach them respect. This article addresses respect: what it is and how it is best taught by a father to his children.

Helping Children with Aggression
From guest contributor Patty Wipfler from the Parenting Leadership Institute comes a very helpful article on what to do when your child acts aggressively toward others.

Kids Need CARE: Validating and Affirming our Children
Professor James Van Horn at Penn State University recommends a conscious effort to affirm and validate family members using the CARE Strategy. Learn how consideration, appreciation, respect and empathy help in a family.

Mind Your Manners
Is the behavior of your children in social settings embarrassing to you? Find out the best ways to teach them the whys and hows of well mannered and respectful behavior.

A Dad's Guide to Eating Out With the Kids
Do your kids have a hard time behaving when you are eating out? It seems that many families struggle when they eat out together. Learn how to make the eating out experience more positive with your children and for the people around you.

Coaching Your Children
Learning three lessons from successful coaches can help fathers raise their children to be successful in life. Getting close to them, teaching them respect and the rules for success, and helping them safely experience consequences of their actions are big things fathers can do as they coach their children through their early years.

The Lesson You Learned from A Coach That Helps You Be a Better Dad
Most men have a memorable coach who helped them learn important lessons in life. Tell us about the coach who taught you something that has helped you become a better father.

Responding to Criticism Without Being Defensive
What can fathers do when their parenting is criticized, especially by their partners or their own children? Guest author Sharon Ellison offers some insights into dealing with criticism without being defensive.

The Value of Music Lessons for Children

Ten Tools to Help Your Kids Learn Not to Fight
Sibling rivalry is an age-old problem that requires fresh solutions for each generation. Learn how to overcome sibling rivalry and help your kids learn not to fight.

United in the Practice of Discipline
When Mom and Dad are not united in disciplining children, the kids get mixed messages and can manipulate their parents. Learn how to get both parents on the same page with regard to discipline.

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