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Wives and Mothers

The best environment for a child is in a family with a father and mother. Find resources for strengthening marriage, improving communication and working through parenting issues with your kids' mom.
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How Moms Can Encourage Dads to Connect to Their Children
If Dad seems unconnected or disinterested in his children, mothers can help solve that problem. Whether dad lives with the family or lives apart, mothers can encourage fathers to connect to their children. Learn ways that mothers can help encourage committed fatherhood.

How Divorced Dads Can Best Handle a Daughter's Wedding
There are not many more challenging moments for a divorced dad than when his daughter gets married. Find out how to prepare for and handle the events of your daughter's wedding and still help her have a great experience.

Having It All
This article from the About Marriage site offers advice on dealing with the pressures of becoming a “super couple.”

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