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Readers' Choice Awards 2012 - Finalists for Best Fatherhood Blog


Learn about these five finalists in the Readers' Choice Awards for 2012 in the daddy blog category. Check out these five excellent blogs written by fathers about their fatherhood experience and then vote for your favorite. The blogs are listed in alphabetical order.

1. Adventures in Fatherhood

Adventures in Fatherhood Blog
Blogger Jeff Allanch has created a blog focused on the good times at home and with his family. Jeff grew up with a single mom as head of his family and missed having a dad. That experience made him want to be an involved, fun and informed father for his won children Celeste and Gavin. In addition to his blog, Jeff is a columnist with Gazette.net, a chain of local newspapers near Washington, D.C.

Adventures in Fatherhood is a cool daddy blog that emphasizes the day to day adventures and experiences that fathers face in every family. And yet the posts are very personal and insightful. Whether writing about losing his job or thinking about how to teach daughters about true beauty, Jeff brings a fresh and creative approach to being a dad and to writing about it.

2. Dads Who Change Diapers

Dads Who Change Diapers Blog
The Dads Who Change Diapers blog had an interesting start. Scotty, who hosts the blog, had gone out to eat with his wife and infant child and volunteered to change the little guy's diaper. He went into the men's room and found that there was no changing station. He complained to the manager that he was going to start a website to help dads find restaurants and other public places that had changing stations in men's rooms. So was the birth of the Dads Who Change Diapers blog! It has now become much more as he reviews other parenting blogs, posts his own comments, thoughts, pictures and videos, and comments on current news and events involving parents.

3. The Father Factor

The Father Factor Blog
The Father Factor blog is the official blog of the National Fatherhood Initiative. Various staff members from NFI post on the blog and comment on current news stories or their own personal experiences with fatherhood. The posts are always insightful and make any dad think about his role and what he can do to promote responsible fatherhood in his own community and personal circles.

Because of the breadth of services offered by the National Fatherhood Initiative, the blog topics tend to be very broad and address the needs of a wide variety of fathers from deployed dads to teenage dads.

4. The Frequent Flyer Father

Frequent Flyer Father
The Frequent Flyer Father blog started with the premise that there must be a good way for fathers (and mothers) who travel to stay better connected at home while in the air or on the road. Blogger Chicka Elloy helps other parents find better ways to stay engaged at home while away from home. The Frequent Flyer Father blog won Parents Magazine Best Daddy Blog Award for 2011. Blog posts are fun, entertaining and thought provoking, while being extraordinarily insightful for parents who log lots of miles away from home and family.

5. Single Dad Laughing

Single Dad Laughing Blog
Dan Pierce is one of the most entertaining and engaging bloggers on the Internet, and his Single Dad Laughing blog is one that will keep the reader smiling. Dan started the blog in 2010 as his wife left him with their young son Noah. He began the blog as an opportunity to vent, to start healing and to share his experiences with other single dads. Today Single Dad Laughing still has the same impact by bringing humor and creativity to the role of fatherhood. And Dan is not afraid to write what he is thinking, without regard for political correctness.
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