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Readers' Choice Award Nominees - Favorite Fatherhood Blog


Learn about these five finalists in the Readers' Choice Awards for 2012 in the daddy blog category. Check out these five excellent blogs written by fathers about their fatherhood experience and then vote for your favorite. The blogs are listed in alphabetical order.

1. Adventures in Fatherhood

Adventures in Fatherhood Blog
Blogger Jeff Allanch has created a blog focused on the good times at home and with his family. Jeff grew up with a single mom as head of his family and missed having a dad. That experience made him want to be an involved, fun and informed father for his won children Celeste and Gavin. Jeff has been a columnist with Gazette.net, a chain of local newspapers near Washington, D.C.

Adventures in Fatherhood is a cool daddy blog that emphasizes the day to day adventures and experiences that fathers face in every family. And yet the posts are very personal and insightful. Whether writing about losing his job or thinking about how to teach daughters about true beauty, Jeff brings a fresh and creative approach to being a dad and to writing about it.

2. Fatherhood Matters

Fatherhood Matters Blog
Blogger John O'Leary started the Fatherhood Matters Blog as a small online personal journal. He comments that he did not want to forget the highs and lows as I traveled the fatherhood road. Now the blog is publicized through Twitter, Google+, Facebook and Linked In. This blog is a place for John to make sense of his thoughts, feelings, fears and joys about raising his 4 children. It started as a tribute to his son who is on the autism spectrum and has become a chronicle of his fathering experiences. The blog is very well written and brings a lot of perspective to the role of a father in the lives of his children.

3. Neurotic Dad

Neurotic Dad
The blogger who writes the Neurotic Dad Blog says he got his start after coming to understand that a new father spends virtually all of his time on the baby and his partner. The blog was a way to force himself to spend a little time recording his own experiences. The blog became a kind of journal, as a way of ranting and remembering. Then he picked up some followers and became one of the best daddy blogs out there. He says that he hopes to make it entertaining and to "reach dads (and moms) like me -- parents suffused with anxiety and love."

He has accomplished that and a lot more. The blog is sometimes funny and sometimes poignant, but always a good read.

4. Paging Dr. Dad

Paging Dr. Dad Blog
Dr. Dad is a practicing physician and a committed father, and he blogs regularly about his experience in both areas of his life and about their fusion for him as a father and parent. He tells us this about his blog: "I have been thinking about what I would want to say to my children if something were ever to happen to me and I would not be around to raise them. I wanted to start writing down my thoughts and beliefs so that they might someday have a summary of what I hope to teach them in life. Each blog I write has that idea of putting down in words something I hope my children will understand someday."

The Dr. Dad blog is a great daddy blog and one that tends to make the readers think a lot about parenting and fatherhood.

5. Go Fatherhood

Go Fatherhood Blog
Blogger Dave Taylor is a single dad who takes on all kinds of issues for dads in the Go Fatherhood blog. He writes about single parenting, divorce and raising children in a challenging world. He started out writing the blog about the philosophy of attachment parenting with the mother of his children. They subsequently separated and ultimately got a divorce, and this blog has tracked all of these changes in his life and documented how he has coped with the divorce and the adventure that being a single father brings to a man. Dave has a great blog, one that appeals to all fathers but particularly to divorced and single dads.

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