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Teaching Your Teen to Drive


Man Teaching a Boy How to Drive
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The first time I took Spencer on a higher speed rural road (50 mph speed limit), he panicked when he reached 40 miles per hour. He broke into a cold sweat as he watched objects whizzing beside him on the drivers side of the car. I finally coaxed him into getting up to 50, but it was not without a fair amount of fear from his perspective. He had a similar experience the first time he merged onto a freeway.

As a dad who has been the primary driving instructor for three teens, and who will be starting on the fourth in the next six months, I have learned some pretty good tips for teaching teenagers to safely work behind the wheel. If you are embarking on the process of teaching your first teen to drive, or if you are trying for a first "successful" experience, then there are some things you should know.

What to Do and What to Expect. Need to figure out the basics about teaching a teen to drive? Then let's look at what a dad can bring to the process, what is required and how parents can model good driving skills.

General Guidelines for Teaching Teens to Drive. Teaching your teen to drive can be a daunting task. But if a father will prepare well, work by teaching his teen basic and advanced skills, and follow a few simple tips, the process can be successful. Learn how to be a good driver education dad.

Essential Skills Teen Drivers Need. As you are getting ready to teach your son or daughter to drive, it is important to be sure to pass on the essential skills they will need. This list offers a quick look at the basic skills in a checklist format so you can make sure you cover all the important things.

The Five Stages of Learning to Drive. Teaching a teen to drive requires a plan. These five stages of drivers education will help you think about what to teach and when, and will help you assemble and prepare a plan that will work with a minimum stress level for you and for your teen.

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