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Teenagers and Their Fathers

Helping teens succeed in life is a major undertaking, particularly when influences other than parents start taking a front seat for a teenager. Find helps and resources for working with teenagers, improving communication, understanding what makes them tick and being an effective dad during your child's teenage years.
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Helping Teens Get the Sleep they Need
Teenagers are among the most sleep-deprived people in society. Guest contributor and author Patti Teel shares insights about the impact of the lack of sleep on our teens and what fathers can do to help them get more and better sleep.

Things a Dad of Teens Needs to Know
The idea of having one or more children in their teenage years often strikes fear in the heart of a father. Here are the main things a dad needs to know to be a successful father of teenagers.

Paying Attention to Teens’ Rites of Passage
The national Teens Today report for 2005 indicates that teens whose parents fail to pay attention to rites of passage in their lives are more likely to be involved in dangerous behaviors like alcohol and drug abuse, premarital sex and dangerous driving. Learn more about this study and ways to connect with your teens at these important transitions in their lives.

Teens and Cell Phones: Advice For Dads
Does your teen or pre-teen carry a cell phone? About one-third of children this age in America do. How do you decide when to let them carry a phone? What options are best for teens? And how do you manage the use of that cell phone for your benefit and for theirs?

How to Make Your Home Fun For Teens
Many parents want their teenagers and their friends to spend time at their home rather than elsewhere. What can parents do to make their home fun for teenagers and a place where your teens and their friends want to hang out?

What Friendship Means to Your Teen
As they mature, teenagers become less interdependent on parents and more on their friends. Learn more about the role of friends in your teenager’s life, why friendships are important to them, and how to be supportive of them as they grow and develop into responsible adults.

Helping Your Teenager Find a Summer Job
Are you hoping your teen will find a summer job this summer to earn money for school and other needs? Check out these ideas for helping your teens find a great summer job and for helping them get the job and keep it all summer.

Essential Skills for Teenage Drivers
As you are getting ready to teach your son or daughter to drive, it is important to be sure to pass on the essential skills they will need. This list offers a quick look at the basic skills in a checklist format so you can make sure you cover all the important things.

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