1. Parenting

Fathers Rights: Custody Issues

Fathers who are working on gaining sole or joint custody of their children following a divorce will find resources to help in their efforts. Check here for information on custody laws, ideas to strengthen your cases, and ways to avoid losing custody.
  1. Parental Alienation (6)

What Every Father Needs to Know About Parenting Plans
Having a good parenting plan is essential for divorced fathers that are sharing custody with their children's mother. Learn what need to be in a parenting plan and what fathers need to know before agreeing to a parenting plan.

Child Custody
What the legal system means by child custody

Making Joint Custody Work
With an ever increasing legal trend toward joint custody or mutual custody, fathers need to know what it takes to make joint custody a good solution for them, their kids and their kids' mom.

Review of Rabies Mom
A book review of Rabies Mom by Jack McGowan and Pat Carroll. This book tells a hear-wrenching story of divorce, child neglect and the resultant fight for custody by Pat Carroll to save his children.

To Err Is Human, Especially in Child Abuse Cases
Sometimes false child abuse charges will be leveled against a father in a child custody battle. What can a wrongfully accused father do when faced with these charges?

What is Hostile Aggressive Parenting?
What is Hostile Aggressive Parenting? How is it different than Parental Alienation? What do fathers need to know about Hostile Aggressive Parenting?

Things an Unwed Father Needs to Know
When a man has a child outside of marriage, it can be tough to understand his rights and responsibilities as the father of the child. Learn the essentials about being an unwed father and know how to protect yourself and take full responsibility for the child.

How to Change a Visitation Order
If you have a visitation order and program that is not working for you or your child, follow these tips to begin the process to modify your visitation order.

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