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Favorite Christmas Recipes for Fathers and Kids


These recipes are easy to make and to have turn out well. And they are quick in preparing and cooking. You and your kids will enjoy spending a little time together in the kitchen over the holidays with a tasty outcome.

1. Microwaved Peanut Brittle

A holiday season favorite, this peanut brittle is very simple to make and will wow your kids, their friends, the neighbors and maybe even their mom!

2. Chocolate Chip Squares

Chocolate chip cookies are always popular, and these chocolate chip squares are delicious. They take just a few minutes to prepare and bake, and are amazingly great warm with a glass of cold milk.

3. Confetti Cookies

The Christmas holidays are all about color and fun, and these cookies meet that requirement. The color comes from crushed Fruit Loops cereal, and these cookies are light, tasty and easy to make.

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