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Mixed Blessings

Celebrating The Holidays in an Interfaith Family


What happens when two religious traditions square off in an interfaith home? Whether the mom and dad are Jewish, Christian, Muslim, or of different groups within a faith, or whether the holiday is Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Ramadan, there are many challenges to interfaith holiday traditions. Find out how families successfully balance the holidays in interfaith families.

Choosing Which Holiday to Celebrate

Many interfaith families decide to celebrate only one holiday during the holiday season rather than more than one. How should an interfaith family choose the holiday to celebrate and how should you make the choice in a positive way?

Celebrating More Than One Holiday
Many interfaith families choose to celebrate both of their family's important holidays rather than just choosing one cultural or religion holiday. Learn how to effectively celebrate both holidays in an interfaith family.

Balancing Extended Interfaith Families During the Holidays
One of the struggles interfaith families face during the holidays - whatever choices they make - is balancing the needs and interest of their extended families with different faith practices. What should interfaith couples do to keep their new traditions strong in the face of possible challenge from in-laws and others in the extended family?

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