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Quick Facts About Child Support in America

from US Census Bureau Statistics


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With divorce rates in the United States at historically high levels, more and more fathers are dealing with child support payments and orders. The following child support statistics are provided by the United States Census Bureau as of 2007.
  • About 13.7 million single parents have custody of 21.8 million children under 21 while the other parent lived somewhere else
  • 26.3% percent of all children in America live with one parent while the other parent lives elsewhere
  • 82.6% of custodial parents are mothers, 17.4% are fathers
  • Nearly 25% of custodial parents had incomes below the poverty level
  • 18.2% of custodial parents who received child support were below the poverty level
  • Child support due nationally totals $34.1 billion; 63% of that amount was paid on time, averaging $3,350 per year per parent who was due child support
  • 76% of custodial parents who were due child support in 2007 received at least some support; 46.8% received all of the support due (up from 36.9% in 1993)
  • Over half of custodial parents received non-cash support from the non-custodial parent; most often, items included birthday gifts, clothing, food and medical expenses
  • 27% of non-custodial parents contacted a government office for help in collecting child support
  • 53% of all custodial parents worked full-time, year round in 2007
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