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Readers' Choice Awards at About.com 2013


A drum roll, please. The 2013 About.com Readers' Choice Award process has completed, and we have three Readers' Choice Award winners for the Fatherhood site at About.com. Thanks to all of those who voted in these categories, and congratulations to the winners.

1. Most Influential Fatherhood Organization

Readers' Choice Awards 2013

Again, a repeat Readers' Choice award winner came in the category of most influential fatherhood organization. All Pro Dad was the winner this year. AllProDad.com is a one-stop resource where dads can find encouragement, ideas, information and videos. The site contains hundreds of articles and top 10 lists to help dads engage their children in fun and creative ways. Dads can also connect with one another through their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube pages. All Pro Dads uses a sports metaphor to help dads understand their roles and connect with their children.

2. Favorite Television Father

Readers' Choice Awards 2013
In the category of favorite television father, the perennial favorite, Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable was selected as the Readers' Choice Award winner for the second year in a row. Bill Cosby played obstetrician Dr. Huxtable on The Cosby Show. Cliff was married to an attorney and raising an upper middle class family. We all watched the children grow up over the multiple seasons of The Cosby Show and enjoyed Cliff's quick wit, colorful sweaters and his strong, "tough love" role as the patriarch of the Huxtable clan.

3. Favorite Father Blog

Readers' Choice Awards 2013

We had a brand new winner in the Readers' Choice Award favorite fatherhood blog category this year.  Congratulations to Paging Dr. Dad for being our winner in this category this year.  Dr. Dad is a practicing physician and a committed father, and he blogs regularly about his experience in both areas of his life and about their fusion for him as a father and parent. He tells us this about his blog: "I have been thinking about what I would want to say to my children if something were ever to happen to me and I would not be around to raise them. I wanted to start writing down my thoughts and beliefs so that they might someday have a summary of what I hope to teach them in life. Each blog I write has that idea of putting down in words something I hope my children will understand someday."

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