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Dad Can We...? 45 Ways to be the Dad Your Kids Need

A Quick Reference Guide for Fathers

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Dad Can We...?  45 Ways to be the Dad Your Kids Need

Dad Can We...? 45 Ways to be the Dad Your Kids Need

Author and father Derek Semmler has written a book which any father will enjoy and appreciate. Dad Can We...? 45 Ways to be the Dad Your Kids Need is a quick read and an excellent resource for fathers just hoping to be better and do better as a dad. Published in format for the Kindle Reader, this book will be a great point of beginning for any dad who hopes to be more and give more to his children and his family.

The Bottom Line

I read a lot of books about fatherhood and parenting as a part of my role at About.com and just because I am passionate about fatherhood. Dad Can We...? 45 Ways to be the Dad Your Kids Need has been a very enjoyable read and one that I would recommend to any father who has a desire to be a better dad and a better man. Author Derek Semmler has provided a quick read (just six short chapters and about 40 pages) that offers some thoughtful and creative ideas for how to think about fatherhood and how to create opportunities for being a great dad. Dad Can We... is available in the Kindle Reader format, and once downloaded to a Kindle, a PC or Mac or a mobile device can be read in about half an hour. But it will be a meaningful half hour if one applies what is read.

The Content

Derek has broken his book up into six short chapters, each with specific ideas and recommendations for ways to be a better father. The chapters include:
  • Ten ways to make time with children
  • Ten reasons why being a dad rocks
  • Five ways to get crazy and have fun with kids
  • Five traditions for a stronger family
  • Ten things to do with the kids this summer
  • Five tips for staying in touch while traveling

As the author looks at each of these general topics, he offers practical and easily implemented ideas. For example, have you ever thought about having ice cream for breakfast? You will learn about this "get crazy" idea. Building family traditions is another element of the book and fathers can think about what they are doing to create such anchoring traditions as birthday rituals, family dinners, and physical activity in their kids' lives.

I also really enjoyed the chapter about why being a dad rocks. It is always good to remember why I wanted to be a dad in the first place, and dads need that reminder frequently, especially when the demands of work and family tend to squeeze the life out of fatherhood. It really does rock to be a dad, and Derek offers an excellent reminder of why we are here doing what we do.

The Writing Style

Derek exhibits an engaging writing style in Dad Can We... that will resonate with any father. Frank and easy to understand, the ideas in Dad Can We... will at once inspire and challenge. He shares insights into his own fathering experience and connects well with his readers. He is unfailingly positive, which seems to be a rarity among books about fathering today.

Not Just for Dads

While expressly written for and about fathers, the ideas in Dad Can We... are applicable to moms as well. The principle concept here is to spend time in meaningful ways with our children, and to bring a positive attitude to parenting. Moms will also appreciate the creative ideas and attitudes that Derek brings to the role of parenting. Far too often fathers and mothers tend to emphasize our different roles to the exclusion of learning what we can both do for our children. Whether mother or father, the ideas if Dad Can We... can become an integral part of joyful parenting.

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