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Helping Kids Dress Modestly

Why Choose Modesty?


Every time I visit my sons' high school or my daughter's college campus, I am amazed at how much has changed since the last time I came. And it's not just new teachers, new buildings or new rules. The thing that I have noticed most over the years is the changing dress styles and the decided trend toward showing more skin.

Certainly we can blame modern fashion, pop culture or the entertainment industry for stretching the standards we had in our youth in terms of how we dressed, how we interacted with adults and how we behaved in general. But we don't have to look very far to see that times have changed for many of our children's generation.

Today's fashions for our children tend to show more than many dads find comfortable. It can even be hard to find clothing at your local mall that you would feel good about your son or daughter wearing to school or to the prom.

But what is a dad to do other than sigh, complain about it and shell out the cash for the latest clothing rage?

Well, a dad can do plenty when he is equipped with information and attitudes that will help his children understand the need for modesty and help them find clothing that meets their standard.

Why Choose Modesty?

Modesty is a choice. And it is not just a religious or spiritual choice to keep one's body covered. It is a healthy personal choice in so many ways.

Dress Codes. First, many public, private and charter schools are adopting dress codes which mandate more modest clothing at school. Educators find immodest clothing to be distracting in the classroom and on the campus. So keeping kids modest can keep them in school.

Self-Respect. The way we dress reflects in large measure the way we feel about ourselves. If we are insecure or feel the need for attention, we will often dress in ways that help us get that attention. Whether evidenced by tattoos, piercings, odd-colored hair or immodest clothing, our children work to gain attention. Those who get attention through healthy means don't feel a need to dress immodestly to differentiate themselves or express their individuality.

Realistic Body Image. Among our daughters especially but also with our boys, our kids tend to have some parts of their bodies with which they are not comfortable. Dressing modestly can cover up some of those areas with which they are not happy, and still help them feel attractive and comfortable among their peers.

Being Seen for Who You Are. Teens with a healthy level of self-worth want to avoid dressing in a way which causes people to misjudge them. Dressing modestly may result in some teasing, but dressing immodestly has its own negative consequences, too. People do tend to judge based on impressions, and too revealing attire often can give a wrong impression. Remember the Dress for Success research of the 1970's?

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