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Ages and Stages of Children

As children reach various ages and stages of life, the father's job evolves as well. Learn about dealing with children's unique needs at various stages of life and with various specific challenges. Sons, daughters, teenagers, adult children, adoptive children and children with special needs all have their own sets of challenges for a father.
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  2. Tweens and Their Dads (12)
  3. Sons and Dads (9)
  4. Adult Children (7)
  5. Dads and Teens (38)

What Can A Dad Expect from a Toddler?
As our children grow, we are sometimes unsure what we can really expect from them at different stages of their lives. Toddlers in the 2-3 year old stage can do many things, but some behaviors we want from them are outside their ability to develop. Find out what you should reasonably expect from a toddler at this stage of their development.

Helping Kids Dress Modestly
You only have to look around your local high school hallways or at a formal dance to see that there is more pressure on our kids to be immodest now than perhaps ever before. How can a dad help his children to dress modestly and respectfully, and where can dads find stylish yet modest clothing for their children?

Dads and the Empty Nest
Sending your last child off to college or marriage? How does a dad cope when he finds himself and his partner experiencing empty nest syndrome? Get the information on what to expect and how to handle this important life transition.

Talking to Your Kids About Sex
Talking to your kids about sex can be one of the trickier assignments for fathers. When you do start the discussion? How much should you say? How can you have the discussion in the context of your family and personal values? Do you treat the issue differently with your son than your daughter? And how do you address the issues of responsible...

Hey Daddy: Animal Fathers and their Babies
A book review of Hey Daddy: Animal Fathers and their Babies by Mary Batten

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