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Fathers Rights Organization - Dads Against Discrimination in Oregon


Dads Against Discrimination - Oregon
Courtesy of Dads Against Discrimination - Oregon

Mission of Dads Against Discrimination:

Dads Against Discrimination is an organization in Oregon that works to overcome existing anti-male gender bias in the family courts and in social services funding. Their primary focus is in Oregon, but their membership and efforts extend nationally as well. They are a local chapter of DADS America.

Services offered by Dads Against Discriminiation:

  • They provide a telephone crisis line to fathers who belong to the organization to help through difficult encounters with the system
  • DADS has a call-in program on cable television in Oreon called Dads Television Network and they provide copies of the programs on request
  • They connect fathers removed from their homes with connections to sheltering options
  • They conduct and share research into the positive impacts fathers can have on families and family life
  • DADS provides referrals to attorneys and counselors specializing in family issues

Membership options:

Men joining Dads Against Discrimination can purchase one of two membership levels. The bronze level ($19.99 per year) provides basic services and advice. A platinum membership at $55 per year also includes legal consultation and voting rights to determine the direction of the organization.

Website features:

At the Dads Against Discrimination Oregon website, fathers can find information about pending Oregon legislation, links to studies about fathers rights, advice on child support and visitation rights, and media articles on fatherhood.

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