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Groups Advocating for Fathers Rights

Many groups around the world are working to enhance the rights of fathers in being a part of their children's lives. This page provides links to groups who advocate changes in family law, who work with legislators and regulators and who are trying to make difference in the lives of dads and kids.

Fathers' Rights Organizations
A list of information about fathers' rights groups and organizations that advocate for fathers' rights, joint custody and shared parenting.

Fathers' Rights Organization - DADS America
A profile of the fathers' rights organization DADS America. DADS America works to educate and empower fathers to identify and exercise options for father-involved custody of children.

Fathers Rights Organization - Dads Against Discrimination in Oregon
A profile of Oregon-based Dads Against Discrimination. Dads Against Discrimination works to advise fathers dealing with custody issues and to change laws in Oregon and elsewhere to fight discrimination against fathers in the family court system.

The American Coalition for Fathers and Children
The American Coalition for Fathers and Children is dedicated to advancing the cause of shared parenting and in creating a family law system which promotes equal rights for parties affected by issues of the modern family. Learn more about the ACFC and how you can become a part of this coalition.

Fathers for Equal Rights
The vision of Fathers for Equal Rights is that society will recognize the right of every child to have a healthy relationship with both parents,regardless of the status of their family structure. Learn more about Fathers for Equal Rights.

Fathers and Families
Fathers & Families is a Massachusetts non-profit organization advocating for the right of every child to have two parents. Fathers & Families is made up of men and women who believe that fathers are an essential part of a child's life and that divorce or separation should not change this.

National Fatherhood Initiative Home Page
Father absence has been found to be a major cause of childhood poverty, and other at-risk factors. NFI provides data on the significance of fathers who remain connected to their families. This information is critical to policy makers on the federal and state levels to assure that laws promote families and responsible father behavior

Recommended Fathers' Rights Organizations
Do you belong to, or have you received services from, a fathers' rights organization? Whether national or local, which organization has best met your needs and helped educate you about your rights as a father in a divorce or custody proceeding?

Children's Rights Council
Information and background about the Children's Rights Council which supports efforts to ensure that children have access to both parents, whether the parents are married or not.

BOND - Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny
Learn more about BOND - Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny and what BOND is doing for fathers and for fathers' rights.

Fathers and Families
A profile of Fathers and Families, an advocacy group fighting for fathers' rights, shared custody and family court reform in the United States.

The Most Influential Fatherhood Organization
Nominate the fatherhood organization that you think has been the most influential in your life or in the fatherhood movement.

Readers' Choice Award Nominations 2012
Nominate your favorite television father or the fatherhood organization you think is most influential in the About.com Readers' Choice Awards for 2012.

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