1. Parenting
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When Adult Children Return Home

General Tips


Fathers who have been there recommend that other parents not sacrifice their own financial futures. Do not take a home equity loan or borrow from your retirement to meet the needs of these adult children. Make sure that you are supportive without limiting your own financial options.

It is also critical for spouses to stick together. Just like when your children were younger, you need to avoid letting them divide and conquer. Support each other in your parental decisions.

Finally, you must work hard to keep the lines of communications open and to have regularly scheduled reviews of the terms and conditions of your shared housing arrangement. Starting out with clear expectations and keeping them clear is a must.

Having adult children return home can be a real opportunity to help them over a crisis or hard spot in their life. By following some simple guidelines, parents can keep a positive relationship and make the best of a difficult situation for all concerned.

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