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Top 10 Family Rated Video Games: XBox


Top rated video games for all family members for the Xbox Platform. Check out the games that are fun and safe for family members of all ages. Includes information on sports games, action games, games suited for the younger set and more. For each game, note the ESRB rating, which helps parents know the appropriate age group for each video game.

1. Loons - The Fight For Fame

Loons - The Fight For Fame
This game appeals to kids and dads, starring the Loony Toon characters Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Sylvester and Tasmanian Devil, all in competition to become the Toons' Number One Star. Dads will particularly enjoy the use of the familiar and famous "Acme" traps and inventions. Lots of fun and action! ESBR Rating E for Everyone

2. Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding

Amped - Freestyle Snowboarding
Many dads and kids have fallen in love with snowboarding. Amped is a very realistic snowboarding video game focused on freestyle riding. There are great graphics and an excellent video game simulation of freestyle snowboarding. A great gift! ESRB Rated E for Everyone.
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3. Nickelodeon Party Blast

Nickelodeon Party Blast
If you love Nickelodeon and the fun characters like Sponge Bob, you will love Nickelodeon Party Blast. Truly anything goes in this entertaining game. You can take the role of your favorite Nick character and compete against others in a winner take all format. Sit down with your kids and laugh all the way through this entertaining game. ESRB rated E for Everyone.

4. Risk - Global Domination

Risk Global Domination
If you enjoyed the Risk board game as a kid (or an adult) you will really like Global Domination. With a realistic 3-D environment offered by XBox, you literally watch your old Risk strategies come to life. Introduce your family to the joys of Risk with Global Domination for XBox. ESRB rated T for Teens.


Monopoly Party
Kids and dads the world over have loved MONOPOLY in its various iterations. In MONOPOLY Party, the fun is increased exponentially as all players can play at once. No more waiting to take turns and watch someone snap up Park Place. Get ready for action as you build your corporate empire! ESRB rated E for Everyone.
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6. 2006 FIFA World Cup

2006 FIFA World Cup
If your kids love soccer, then they will really enjoy FIFA World Cup. Enjoy a realistic take on this international event and participate with the best teams in the world in tough competition. ESRB rated E for Everyone.
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7. MLB SlugFest 2006

MLB SlugFest 2006
The best of all the variations on the Major League Baseball theme, MLB Slug Fest enhances the typical game with speed, strategy and a shot of attitude! You won't think about baseball in the same way again after playing Slug Fest. ESRB rated E for Everyone.
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8. Star Wars Starfighter SE

Star Wars Starfighter SE
The latest addition to the Star Wars video game series is Starfighter SE. Staying true to the Star Wars franchise, the game offers three new character pilots who will capture your imagination. The graphics are truly remarkable and the plot and playing of the game are addictive. ESRB rated T for Teens.
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9. Batman Vengeance

Batman Vengeance
If you have affection for the Batman stories, and liked the Dark Knight theme, you will like this video game. It stays true to the Batman legend while offering excellent graphics, a great plot involving several Batman foes in a conspiratorial approach to taking over Gotham City. Have a lot of fun with this one! ESRB rated T for Teens.
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10. NBA 2K10

NBA 2K10 for XBox
While I have not been a big fan of the NBA video games, I must admit that they have taken a quantum leap forward with 2K10. The graphics are outstanding, the artificial intelligence associated with the players is much improved, and even the ESPN commentators have personality! Enjoy this game with your family members. ESRB rated E for Everyone.
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