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Looking for things to do with your children that will help build your relationship with them? This is the place to find information about bonding activities that will fill that important need in your child's life.
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Fitness and Your Children
Fathers know intuitively that fitness is important for our children. Find out the benefits of helping children be fit and what you can do to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle for your children.

Celebrating Success – Ideas for Recognizing Your Child's Accomplishments
Many fathers are quick to discipline or impose consequences when children fail, but we need even more to celebrate their successes. Here are some ideas for recognizing that great report card, a sports championship, a special award or other important accomplishment.

Plan and Create a Playroom
Creative play is an important part of a child's development. Setting aside a room for play can be a great way to encourage play. Find out what you need to know to plan for and create a playroom that will be both fun and functional.

Top Online Family Calendars
Family life seems to be getting more and more complex all the time. Too many places to be, chores to be done, and demands on our time and attention. Fortunately, there are many great tools available on the Web to help manage our family time and resources. From the most simple to the most robust, every family will find something here that will...

Take Your Child on a Date
Spending one on one time with your children is one of the best ways to build memories and to build a positive relationship. Here are some tips for making these one on one "dates" fun and memorable, as well as some ideas for things to do together.

Family Hobbies
Many dads are finding how tough it is to bring our children out of the individual worlds of iPods and video games back to family centered activities. Kristie McDonald of NitroToyz offers some solid ideas about how to get the children involved in a family hobby that builds memories and family unity.

Weekend Breakfast Ideas for Dads and Kids
A father and children breakfast on a weekend morning can be a fun and memorable experience. Whether it is crepes, bacon and eggs, waffles, dutch oven or fun-shaped pancakes, weekend breakfasts can be great bonding times. So tie on an apron, stake out the kitchen and get the kids involved.

The Dangerous Book for Boys
A review of The Dangerous Book for Boys by Hal and Conn Iggulden.

Ways to Spend Quality Time with the Kids
Whether you are a traditional dad in a traditional family, a non custodial dad, a stay home dad, a stepdad, or whatever your role, the most precious thing a dad can give his kids is his time. A personal investment in your children is much more important to them than any toy, video game or electronic gadget. Here are some great, and sometimes creative, ways to get together with your kids in a positive way.

Turn off the TV and Tune Into Your Family
In the average US household, the television is on for more than 7 hours per day. Turning off the TV and focusing attention on your family can pay significant dividends. Find the courage to turn off the television and tune into your family.

Planning Successful Family Reunions
If you find yourself in a situation where you are the head honcho of this year's reunion, don't despair. Think of the reunion planning task as running a marathon.

Family Night: Simple and Powerful
Think it's tough to set aside one night a week for family togetherness? Make a commitment to both quality and quantity time with a weekly family night!

Taking Care of the Kids While Mom is Away
When Mom is away, things can be tough if dad isn’t prepared for the child care experience. How can a father be prepared and take care of the kids, even if they wish Mom was still there?

Considering and Selecting Family Hobbies

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