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Book Review - Be the Coolest Dad on the Block

All of the Tricks, Games, Puzzles and Jokes You Need to Impress Your Kid

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Be the Coolest Dad on the Block
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When your children are around the house with their friends, do they seek you out because they enjoy being with you or do they avoid you like the plague? Just about every dad I know wants to be just a little "cooler" as far as his kids are concerned. This extraordinary book Be the Coolest Dad on the Block can help you achieve your objective of being the person all the kids hope to see when they come around. Entertaining and enlightening, Be the Coolest Dad on the Block will help you know everything you need to know and be able to do to impress and entertain your children and their friends.

The Need for Cool Dads

The relationship between a child and a father can sometimes be a mysterious thing. Maybe when they were babies, you were the parent who could get them to laugh and giggle; when they heard your voice, their whole little bodies would perk up. But often something happens as they get older and dad becomes a person that they may enjoy at times, but may also be someone they avoid with their friends. You may wonder what you did to drive them into another universe. But the fact is that most dads somehow become uncool in the eyes of their children.

If this has been your lot, have no fear because the answer is as close as your online bookstore or your e-reader. Simon Ross and Steve Caplin have put the formula for "cool" in their book Be the Coolest Dad on the Block: All of the Tricks, Games, Puzzles and Jokes You Need to Impress Your Kid.

What Cool Dads Need

Ask any kid who has a cool dad what his dad does differently from the uncool dads, and you will probably hear things like:
  • "My dad makes me and my friends laugh."
  • "My dad knows a lot of cool stuff."
  • "My dad likes my friends and they have fun with him."

So cool dads need to be entertaining, creative, adventurous and a little bit wacky (but not too much). Ross and Caplin have captured this elusive sense of cool for fathers in their book and have made it easy to learn everything you need to know to be seen as the coolest dad ever.

In about 185 entertaining pages, Ross and Caplin cover the waterfront of paternal coolness. You will learn about doing fun stuff with everyday things like dollar bills and rubber bands. You will get to learn some easy magic tricks, find out how to have fun with food (I won't spoil the surprise on this one), practical jokes, and more. For example, you will learn some cool secret handshakes, how to make curious noises, the best way to fire a rubber band and make it sting (but not too much), and how to play some amazing games in the car on your summer road trip.

The Bottom Line

I have to say that I really enjoyed this book and that I learned a few things about fun things to do with the kids. After 30 years as a dad, I didn't think there was much new for me to learn, but I was mistaken big time. Be the Coolest Dad on the Block was a great read. It was entertaining, informative and full of stories that made me smile. I occasionally speak to groups, and often to groups of teenagers to tweens and their parents, and there were quite a few take-aways for me to use to liven up presentations. And although I thought I was a pretty cool dad for my kids (please don't ask for their verification), I would have been tons cooler if I had known and tried even half of these great ideas.

Every dad who wants to be cooler for his kids and their friends should add Be the Coolest Dad on the Block to his library and spend some time with it. The time will be fun and the results will be extraordinary.

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