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SuperDads: Managing Expectations of Modern Fathers - Fatherhood
This poll was one of the most comprehensive ever looking at attitudes of and about fathers, expectations of fathers and their roles in society. Some of the most  ...
Setting Appropriately High Expectations for Children - Fatherhood
The debate rages among parents and child behavioral experts. Should parents set high expectations for their children and then run the risk of their being ...
Top Ten Power Principles for Successful Fathers - Fatherhood
High Expectations. Successful fathers set high but realistic expectations for themselves and for their children. And then they work together to achieve those ...
Fathers and Weddings - Fatherhood - About.com
His daughter's wedding day can be a bit traumatic for any father. So many emotions, so many expectations, and often so much money spent. Here are some  ...
Balancing The Parenting Styles of Fathers and Mothers - Fatherhood
Fathers are generally more focused on having high expectations of their children and encouraging them to deliver on those consistently. They tend to focus less ...
New Fathers - Changing Roles, Schedules and Relationships for ...
Father and Baby - Courtesy of Photodisc / Getty Images ... But having realistic expectations about how it will go and what will be required can make the transition ...
Child Behavior 101 - Setting Limits for Your Children - Fatherhood
It is, after all, better to learn young the realities and expectations of life than to learn ... When fathers work with their children in setting and enforcing appropriate  ...
Dad's Guide to Hospital Birth - About Pregnancy and Childbirth
This incredible experience is meant to be a meaningful one and yet there are many expectations of dad. Here are some tips on preparing for childbirth:.
What Is Authoritarian Parenting? - Psychology - About.com
Authoritarian parents have high expectations of their children and have very strict rules that they expect to be followed unconditionally. According to Baumrind ...
Making Joint Custody Work - Fatherhood - About.com
Expectations can be a challenge when the kids' parents don't live together. Try to coordinate on what you expect. If mom needs them to do chores at her house, ...
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