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Wayne Parker

Father Cleared of Abuse Charges After 15 Years in Prison

By May 22, 2013

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KSL Television in Salt Lake City is reporting the tale of Kevin Peterson, who just last week learned that his now adult-children were recanting their testimony from 1990 that they were sexually abused by their dad.  Kevin was in the midst of a nasty divorce and custody battle with his ex-wife and the kids were coached by their mother and stepfather to lie about their father's alleged abuse.   Kevin, despite his innocence, served 15 years in the Utah State Prison and while he has now been out for about 5 years, he has been on the State's sex offender registry.  Now he is off the registry and has no further sanctions, but he lost 15 years of his life due to parental alienation and false allegations of abuse.

When the reporter asked the State Attorney General's office about the possibility of charges being brought against the mother and stepfather, the Criminal Justice Division Chief Scott Reed "said it was unlikely any action could be taken against the children's mother and stepfather, citing the time that had elapsed from the original false claims."

What a tragic case and one that happens way too often in child custody battles, although perhaps not with this egregious outcome!  The good news is that Scott has developed a good relationship with his children and is rebuilding his life.   But this whole situation just turns my stomach.  I don't know what might have caused the mother and her new husband to take this approach just to win a custody battle, but to coach children to lie in court about their father's behavior is simply inexcusable.

Let us know what you think about this situation by commenting below.  I'm not sure what can be done, but I would like to offer our support to Kevin as he rebuilds his life after this horrible situation.

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June 1, 2013 at 9:34 am
(1) sean says:

I can totally see how something like that could happen. During my divorce, my kids were reciting to me grievences of my ex wife that went back sometimes before i was born, including some fine pieces of fiction. It was extremely hurtful.
To this day, my daughter, now 19, does not talk to me, believing that all her life’s woes are a result of my ” having resigned from Boeing” 20 years ago. Even though my earnings put her and her brothers through private school and now through college, after which she will be 100% college debt-free.
I am just grateful my ex wife, herself so angry i felt physically unsafe in her company, didn’t make up some crime fiction like the folks did in your article.
(names changed to protect everyone)

June 1, 2013 at 11:00 am
(2) Andrew says:

Though I pray for the father and his children, I am most angry at the mother and step-father who, in my opinion are truly evil people. But, the criminal justice system has utterly failed. How is it that the mother and step-father can escape this? This makes me sick, too.

June 1, 2013 at 12:36 pm
(3) Matt H says:

Wow! I cannot believe how timely this article is! Thank you for this Wayne. I am currently writing a different article on parental alienation too and this is a fabulous reference. Truly, prayers are going out to everyone involved in this tragedy.

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