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Adjusting to Life as a Single Father

Father and Daughter at School

Are you the single dad, custodial parent for your children? Whether you find yourself in this situation due to divorce, death or other painful experience, you can find tips and help to making your role as a single dad more meaningful for your children.

Single Dad's Resources
Fatherhood Spotlight10

Book Review – The Miracle Morning

The Miracle Morning is transforming the lives of men and women, fathers and mothers, around the world. Learn how The Miracle Morning can help any father become better, more focused and more balanced.

Ten Questions a Father Should Ask and Answer About His Marriage

The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother. Find out how to make your marriage stronger by asking and answering these ten questions.

Seven Key Biblical Principles for Fathers

Christian fathers bring a spiritual and biblical approach to parenting. Check out these important principles from the Bible that can help fathers reach their full potential and lead their families in a godly way.

Top Five Diet Plans for Dads

Thinking about a weight loss program? Then check out this comparison of the top diet plans for men and get on board with one that will work for you.

The Seven Money Mistakes Fathers Often Make

Learn from experienced fathers the important money mistakes you should avoid in your family, and how to make smarter financial decisions.

How to Change a Visitation Order

If you have a visitation order and program that is not working for you or your child, follow these tips to begin the process to modify your visitation order.

Parenting by Design - Discovering God’s Original Plan for Your Family

A review of Parenting by Design - Discovering God’s Original Plan for Your Family. This is an excellent book for Christian fathers.

Getting a Report Card from Your Child

Want some direct feedback in your role as a father? Ask your kids to fill out a report card on you and see how well you do! It will lead to some great conversations about your father-child relationship.

5 Best Baby Carriers for Fathers

Baby carriers are not the exclusive domain of mothers. Find the best baby carriers for fathers with the right sizes and design.

Ten Tips for Dads in Blended Families

As a dad in a blended family, you have a critical role for your children, your new partner, her children and both of your exes. These tips will help any blended family be more successful.

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